Xbox User Agreement

Microsoft has released information on the new terms of use, or the “TOU” agreement for Xbox Live. This is a mandatory agreement that encourages users to update all personal data. 10.3 Licensing other users. By publishing and sharing UGC on services or with another user of the service, you grant that user a non-exclusive license to access and use this UGC, as permitted by these Terms of Use and Service Functionality. (e) You are solely responsible for your UGC and recognize that Fishing Planet LLC. No UGC to check in advance and not approve, approve or protect a UGC that you and other users can contribute to services; Microsoft uses the procedures described in Title 17, United States Code, Section 512 to respond to evidence of copyright infringement. In appropriate circumstances, Microsoft may also disable or terminate accounts of Microsoft service users who may be repeat offenders. 10.1 Generalities. Some services allow you to create or download content that you own, own or have other rights (which we call in these Terms of Use “user-generated content” or “UGC”). For example, UGC contains: account people, forum contributions, chat messages, voice chat, messenger-type features, profile content and other content or material that are provided by users to, on or through services.

If Fishing Planet LLC. considers that your use or download of UGC is contrary to any of these conditions and then to Fishing Planet LLC. can remove, block, modify, move or disable this UGC at its sole discretion. If you violate any of the conditions set out in it, Fishing Planet LLC. reserves the right to permanently suspend or remove the availability of your UGC and to take any other measures we deem appropriate. Subject to your licensing agreement and continued compliance with this license agreement, Blizzard hereafter grants and you accept a non-negotiable, non-exclusive, non-transferable license to use a copy of the program for non-commercial entertainment purposes. This license is subject to the following restrictions and you agree not to do so: 22.1 In general. In the interest of settling disputes between you and Fishing Planet LLC. in the most appropriate and cost-effective way, you and Fishing Planet LLC.

accept that all disputes in relation to these Terms of Use are resolved through binding arbitration. Arbitration is more informal than legal action. Arbitration uses a neutral arbitrator instead of a judge or jury, may allow for a more limited discovery than in the courts, and may be subject to very limited judicial verification. Arbitrators may award the same damages and facilities that a court can award. Our dispute settlement agreement is not limited to all claims arising from or related to any aspect of these Terms of Use, whether based on contracts, unlawful acts, laws, fraud, misrepresentation or any other theory of law, whether claims occur during or after the end of these Terms of Use. YOU UNDERSTAND AND AGREE THAT BY ENTERING INTO THESE TERMS OF SERVICE, YOU AND FISHING PLANET LLC. ARE EACH ENTITLED TO MAKE A TRIAL BY THE JURY OR TO TAKE PART IN A CLASS ACTION. (h) You can only purchase virtual goods from us (or someone we approve for that purpose) or from another authorized user of a game using a feature contained in the game Fishing Planet LLC. expressly for this purpose (z.B.

a gift on the current gift shop for this game), and you cannot buy virtual goods from another person or in any other way or try to do so; and 5.5 Although fishing Planet LLC specifically allows it, a “demonstration account” is possible in some games.

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