Wga Animation Agreement

We`ve talked about it so many times. WGA does not have global animation coverage as live action, but there are projects and locations that are covered WGA, and more every day. WGA West is the dominant writers` union in Hollywood, and its contracts include a few high-level animated shows, including The Simpsons, Bojack Horseman and Undone. But most of the animation industry is represented by the Animation Guild (I.A.T.S.E. Local 839), which includes authors and other artists. Unless in agreement with the associations isforehand, the Guild cannot reach an agreement with an independent producer on terms more favourable to that producer than those described in this section and which do not allow animation authors or animation publishers to be engaged on terms more favourable to that producer than those described above. Any claim resulting from a violation of this section circumvents the standing committee stage and is heard by an arbitrator. The 1991 animated classic Beauty and the Beast was the third most successful film of the year, grossing more than $600 million in theatrical and $220 million in additional home videos. Linda Woolverton, the film`s screenwriter, did not receive any residues nor did she participate in the 2017 live action remake. The simplest answer to this mind-blowing puzzle, which will bring little or no comfort, is that feature animation is another union than the Writers Guild of America (WGA), which is the main organization that takes residues into account and forces them.

The recent trend of live action remakes of Disney`s animated classics shows no signs of slowing down with this week`s news that Notre Dame`s bell tower is now in development. This year, Dumbo will be released in March, followed by Aladdin in May and hybrid photorealist CGI The Lion King in July. While in 2020 mulan comes to life, there are release dates that were once planned for The Little Mermaid and Tinkerbell. With behind-the-scenes technology advancing at an impressive rate, animation contracts could receive some attention and still have a long way to go to protect authors and financially link them to the success of these updated projects. On Tuesday, the union`s board of directors sent a message to its 10,000 members, the vast majority of whom are mostly live.” “We`ve heard from members that studios and producers are increasingly interested in developing animated projects,” he says. “This is an important moment to remind you that the WGA can cover and write animations.” The Guild has successfully organized authors who work in network animations, basic, digital and features. We are ready to work with authors and animation creators on all platforms to get the best WGA deal.

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