Lambton College University Transfer Agreements

So you`ve chosen at least one school where you might want to move – exciting! Your next step will be to contact a transfer counsellor at the school you may wish to visit. Transfer advisors can help you navigate each school`s unique transfer processes and take you to the most up-to-date forms and timelines. A university education is something that an increasing number of students are looking for at the end of their university degree. There are many reasons why you might want to continue your training and complete your studies in the near future, and some of these factors are listed below: Do you want to transfer and complete your degree? Consider the following options on the Centre for Educational Pathways website that can help you choose a program and an institution: Approved, plus two additional biology courses at the university level (cell biology or recommended biochemistry) rRU agrees to facilitate the bulk transfer of Lambton students in the third year of the Bachelor of Arts in Justice Studies Degree An der RRU. Under this agreement, Lambton applicants who meet the following conditions are eligible for full-time admission to the RRU, provided that all other admission criteria are met (in accordance with the program`s admission requirements on the RRU website) and that the place is always available at the Bachelor of Arts in Justice Studies Degree. Entry to all programs at RRU is on a competitive basis. . If you have any questions about this agreement or would like to check if your curriculum is justified, please contact our registration team at 1.877.778.6227 or – means French as a college or university – means English and the French language college or university.

Planning for their continuing education can be a long but rewarding process. You may be asking yourself questions like “Which program should I choose?” or “What is the best level for me?” There are many different degrees and different studies to choose from, and this alone can be a damning process, but it is not impossible. First, you want to understand what proof of registration is, and then you can start planning your educational journey. Look for a school that interests you to learn more about its specific needs and processes. View in the map form . . . This Memorandum of Understanding is an agreement between Royal Roads University (RRU) and Lambton College (Lambton). Participating units at each institution are the School of Peace and Conflict Management at the RRU and the School of Fire Sciences and Public Safety and the School of Community Services and Liberal Studies in Lambton. Chemical Production – Power Engineering Technology (3 years Co-op) ..

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