Esfa Apprenticeship Agreement

Employers who wish to access funding through the learning service must create an apprenticeship account. Employers can consult and accept the agreement on their account. The august 20, 2020 version is a new agreement available to employers, which is either: apprenticeship contract: an apprenticeship contract be concluded between an employer and an apprentice, or in accordance with the Learning, Skills, Children and Learning Act 2009 Sections 32 to 36 (for executive) or section A1 (for standards – an approved English apprenticeship contract). The employer contract contains the terms: you must not accept the contract until you are ready to receive grants or book, but we will ask you if you would like to display it when you create an apprenticeship account. Any employer who takes care of apprentices must accept an employer agreement. It is identical for all employers and includes the terms of: There are two versions of the ESFA training contract for employers. Both agreements set the terms and conditions for the apprenticeship service for employers who wish to access funding through the apprenticeship service. You can also see the agreement and the directions at This publication is available to employers who hire apprentices in England who must accept the employer`s agreement on access to state resources through the apprenticeship service.

The employer agreement is a legally binding contract between your organisation and the Education and Skills Finance Agency (ESFA). Only a person with the authority to enter into a legal agreement for your organization can accept the agreement. You can accept the employer contract in your apprenticeship account. You can also check and print your employer agreement by visiting the instructions page. You can accept it later in “Your Organizations and Agreements.” This agreement must be signed by the apprentice and the employer at the beginning of the apprenticeship. Learning Standard: Learning standards developed by employers who have approved the standard assessment plan and the corresponding evaluation plan by the Institute for Learning and Technical Training (IfATE) and published on the IfATE website, next to the assigned conveyor. They must also have the appropriate authorization on behalf of the teaching. Your organization`s account holder can verify and change permissions in “your team.” Funding rules: ESFA`s learning funding rules published on GOV.UK are revised and amended from time to time.

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