Community Joint Use Agreement

Schools wishing to conclude this agreement must conclude a proposal to share the Community. In 2009, NPLAN published legal instruments to help create information-sharing agreements between school districts and local governments. Recognizing that there are a number of opportunities to manage sharing agreements, NPLAN has developed four agreements on group sharing that can serve as a model for communities wishing to open school recreation services after work. In order for a CJUA to be prepared, the school board and the community partner must complete a community sharing proposal. Schools must consider potential problems and long-term costs when building a facility by a CJUA. Among the above considerations: information on the common use of schools during coronavirus (COVID-19) is included in the school operating guide (registration required) and Council officials will negotiate the specific terms of each convention according to the project. The amount of the Council`s financial contribution, current maintenance tasks and the duration of the agreement will take into account key factors such as the total cost of the project and the level of Community demand. The joint operation agreement aims to provide facilities that meet the community`s proven needs and the needs of the Agency/organization. Through a partnership with a third party, the development and use of the proposed facility should be an economic benefit to the Council in terms of land and/or work savings. In addition to health issues, joint sharing agreements are financially useful because they build on existing community assets. Sharing existing land is less costly and more efficient than replicating the same facilities in other parts of the Community.

New York City, NY has launched a playground initiative through a Shared Use Agreement: A population growth in the early 1990s left Merced residents without adequate parks and recreation facilities. The sharing agreements have allowed the City of Merced and Merced High School, as well as the Merced City School District, to develop a partnership that will allow residents, students and community groups to continue to provide places for gathering and physical action. The partnership has developed beyond the usual sharing agreements.

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