Asuu Fgn Agreement 2009 Pdf

In 2013, the agreement was reached to spend 1.3 trillion naira on the revitalization of universities. The renegotiation issues are the non-implementation of the elements of the 2017 Action Memorandum, the non-release of more than 1 trillion N0/Sa funds or revitalization, due to public universities from 2014 to 2018. Others include the non-release of the meditative audit report on academic allowances earned and non-payment of arrears for the period 2009-2017, the non-payment of academic allowances earned in the annual budget. The strike highlighted the insensitivity of the ruling class for a critical sector such as education. In concrete terms, the N23 billion of the N128 billion academic allowances earned for the payment of the 2009/2010 academic session to the university`s management will be released! While the 2009 agreements were due to expire in 2012, this means that it may take more strikes (perhaps no less than five strike actions) to achieve the balance of N102 billion, and universities are already in session 2017/2018! The federal government has also agreed to continue to take responsibility for university staff schools. Regarding the recovery, the government has declared its inability to pay the second tranche of the sum of 220 billion N220 billion per year, but has accepted the release of N20 billion as a sign of commitment to revive 84 public varieties! This is expected to take place in September (N10 billion) and October (N10 Md. With regard to pay gaps, it was agreed that all deficits and arrears would be liquidated by the end of October 2017. The federal government has also agreed to order the Central Bank of Nigeria to generate segregated interest at cash interest rates for university foundation funds, research grants and similar funds. This is still awaiting the action of the governor of CBN. In addition, the federal government must write to the federal governments about the dissemination of tertiary institutions without adequate funding of existing commitments. Upon registration of the Nigerian University Pension Management Corporation, the federal government agreed to have the registration completed within one week of “filing forms and documents properly completed at PenCom.” Prior to the signing of the MoA, ASUU filed it and it is now up to the government to release the licence. In addition, ASUU is required to submit proposals for revising the guideline for teacher retirement.

There is no doubt that there will be no loss of love between the Union and the federal government. One of them is the agreement reached between the two parties in 2009. Yet since the re-foundation of the government`s negotiating team, many steps seem to have been taken backwards. It is not known how much the government has implemented. However, the association`s secretary, Pie Anyim, said after one of the recent failed negotiations that most of the issues contained in the 2009 agreement had been fully met, with the exception of the compensation earned, estimated at $92 billion. The union`s strikes, including the most recent ones, had prompted the government to implement previous agreements. Appendix I “Funding requirements for the revitalization of Nigeria`s higher education system: 2009-2011). 2009 1.144.075 2010 1.205.880 2011 1.330.063 Total (approximately) 3 680,000 pieces of the proposed amending legislation – including a proposed amendment to the National Minimum Standards and Establishment of Institutions Act – were included in the agreements. Public analysts believe the government is using delaying tactics to keep its promises during the renegotiation of the 2009 FGN/ASUU agreements and the September 2017 MoA.

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